PRICE - ₹1500 Launch Price for 5 days a week : 20 sessions (Mon-Fri) per month

SLOT : 5.30AM IST | 8 AM S'pore | 10AM Australia (Mon to Fri)

Priti Das

Insta ID - @coolmoveswithpriti

Speaks : English, Hindi, Bengali
: India

Whatsapp : +919031359958

SLOT : 6AM IST | 8.30AM S'pore | 10.30AM Australia (Mon to Fri)

Ashwini Ragula

Insta ID - @ashwinning2112

Speaks : Marathi, Hindi, English
: Melbourne/Australia

Whatsapp : +61470574287

SLOT : 6AM IST | 8.30AM S'pore | 10.30AM Australia (Mon to Fri)

Swapna Madhamshetty

Insta ID - @swapnam_dwd

Speaks : Telugu , English , Hindi (can manage)
: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Whatsapp: +917893556086

SLOT : 7AM IST | 9.30AM S'pore | 11.30AM Australia (Mon to Fri)

Sapna Mishra

Insta ID - @sapna_mis

Speaks : Hindi, English
: Chhattisgarh, India

Whatsapp : +919109019867

SLOT : 8AM IST | 6.30AM Dubai | 10.30AM S'pore (Mon to Sat)
Dipika Bhuwalka

Insta ID - @fit_with_dipika

Speaks : Hindi , English (understands Bengali)
: Hyderabad India

Whatsapp: +919406204851

SLOT : 9AM IST | 7.30AM Dubai | 11.30AM S'pore (Mon to Fri)

Shraddha Suryawanshi

Insta ID - @shraddha_onelife

Speaks : English, Hindi, Marathi
: Pune, India

Whatsapp : +917738891277

SLOT : 10.30AM IST | 9AM Dubai | 6AM London (Mon to Fri)

Dipika Bhuwalka

Insta ID - @fit_with_dipika

Speaks : Hindi , English (understands Bengali)
: Hyderabad India

Whatsapp: +919406204851

SLOT : 11.30 pm IST | 10AM Dubai |7AM London (Sun to Thur)

Yamini Pandya

Insta ID - @pandyayk

Speaks : Gujarati, Hindi (understands English)

Whatsapp : +919737149174

SLOT : 4PM IST | 6.30PM S'pore | 6.30AM EST (Mon to Fri)

Rebekah (Becky)

Insta ID - @rebekahanthony86

Speaks : English, Tamil and Malay
: Malaysia

Whatsapp : +60163599367

SLOT : 5PM IST | 7.30PM S'pore | 7.30AM EST (Mon to Fri)

Chanda Kumari

Insta ID - @bchandasingh

Speaks : Hindi, English
: Bengaluru, India

Whatsapp :+918073868768

SLOT : 6PM IST | 4.30PM Dubai | 8.30AM EST (Mon to Fri)


Insta ID - @krutikasawant4u

Speaks : Hindi, Marathi, English (understands Punjabi)
: Oslo, Norway

Whatsapp : +916363621572

SLOT : 7pm IST | 5.30pm Dubai | 9.30AM EST (Mon to Fri)

Dr. Sayanti Sengupta

Insta ID - @sayantidassengupta

Speaks : English, Hindi, Bengali
: Kolkata, India

Whatsapp : +919874389605

SLOT : 8PM IST | 6.30PM Dubai | 10.30AM EST (Mon to Fri)

Shreshtha Sharma

Insta ID - @yogeeni_shreshtha

Speaks : Hindi, English
: Ghaziabad, India

WhatsApp : +918527371108

SLOT : 9PM IST | 7.30PM Dubai | 4.30PM London (Mon to Fri)

Pavitra Pai

Insta ID - @pavitrapaidwd

Speaks : English, Hindi, Kannada & Konkani
: Sharjah UAE
Whatsapp : +919632411729

SLOT : 6pm EST (Mon & Thur)

Sat & Sun 8:30 am EST | 6pm IST

Preeti Singal

Insta ID - @preeti.singal1

Speaks : English, Punjabi, Hindi
: New Jersey, USA

Whatsapp: +16096109620



  • Online sessions remain closed on bank holidays (similar to any studio)

  • Incase of sickness or medical issue of trainer, another DWD trainer may help cover the class to ensure continuity

  • No refund possible incase of no-show. For absence due to medical reasons, please produce doctor's note

  • No session recordings or workout links will be provided for missed classes. Incase of missed class, you can use the Youtube workouts to ensure continuity

bout Paid Sessions?

Please note - Only DWD certified trainers are permitted to conduct paid sessions with DWD workout routines. Anyone else who would like to conduct DWD workouts will need to get certified with Deepti & need her written permission

  • All DWD certified instructors have been trained on S-M-A-R-T workout techniques by Deepti

  • S-M-A-R-T technique includes science behind doing workouts correctly, method & techniques, conducting professional classes, result-orientation & time to transform for a sustained journey

  • Paid sessions will be executed based on meticulously designed combinations to help you get better results

  • They include dance cardio, walking workouts & strength training specially crafted by Deepti & delivered by the DWD instructors

  • Paid sessions will include

    • Dance cardio workouts

    • Shred Shaper workouts (not available on youtube) - including arms, chest, thigh, hip, belly and more

    • Technique guidance from trainers (during the training or during Q&A)

    • Generic Diet guidance to eat correctly with workouts

    • Balanced approach (to allow the right fitness training - avoiding overdoing or under performing)

    • Fun and safe environment - to help you get started without judgement or doubts


  • For people with medical issues, please seek advice from a physician or qualified health provider to ensure moderate cardio and strength training are suitable for your condition. The DWD trainers are not trained in corrective or medical training procedures and will be unable to make specific recommendations. Medical and corrective procedures are handled by physiotherapists and health providers

  • All sessions are designed to support and help with guidance for improved daily fitness and strength. However, the routines or suggestions are not for the purpose of rendering any medical advice