Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Q0 - How to lose weight?

Ans - To lose weight, you can get started with my free plans or paid plans.

In Paid Plans - you can work directly with Deepti and her team (medical dieticians & nutritionists) for your weight loss journey and goals. You can find the link here - Paid Plans

In Free plans - Please follow the plans on website along with my healthy diet to get better results and ensure you are eating correctly for supporting workouts. Please note : Eating too less or extreme can affect your results.

Click Here - Free Plans

Q1 - How much weight can i lose in a month?

Ans - For healthy weight loss, it is advisable to lose only 0.5 - 1kg of weight per week. So you can easily lose 3-5 kgs in a month in a healthy way. Weight loss is specific to each individual, so some people lose weight faster than others. So don't worry - just stay consistent and results will come.

If you are losing inches and no weight - dont worry - its working ! Eventually you will lose weight too

Q2 - How many Days/Time - should i do the workout?

Ans - Our daily recommended activity requirement is at least 30mins of workouts 5-6 days a week. This adds up to at least 150mins of workout every week. Rest days are equally important for weight loss to help body recover fully. Once your stamina goes up, for better results you can do 45-60mins daily workouts 5-6 days a week.

e.g. Monday to Saturday for 30-60mins daily and treat Sunday as rest day !

Morning and Evenings are both fine and give similar results. Workouts can be done 1.5-2 hours after meals

e.g. morning breakfast at 8.30am ...and workout at 10am OR Evening tea/snacks at 4.30 pm ...and workout at 6pm

Avoid workouts on empty stomach, always eat some soaked nuts/dates/apple/banana 15-30mins before workout

Avoid late nights because it increase adrenaline in the body and might interfere with your sleep :)

Q3 - Do I need to change my diet?

Ans - We do not need to diet for weight loss. I would recommend avoiding any extreme diets

For diet, follow some basic guidelines

  • Eat healthy home cooked meals (these are free of additives, preservatives, excess sugars)

  • Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet (help with healthy carbs, fiber and nutrients)

  • Eat more regional and seasonal food (helps us eat fresh and boost immunity)

  • Eat at the right times especially early dinner (rough guideline - 8.30am breakfast, 12.30 lunch and 7.30pm dinner)

  • Don't starve .. eat mid meals as required (fruits are best on empty stomach)

Healthy Diet Plan Video



Q4 - Are workouts and diet enough to lose weight?

Ans - Workouts provide you with your daily dose of activity. There are few other simple things that you can focus on to get best results

  • Diet - Answer in Q3

  • Sleep - Sleep and wake up at the right time every day. Ideally 7-8 hours every day (between 11pm-7am)

  • Stress - Stay happy and stress free to avoid fat build up in the body

It all adds up for good weight loss !

Q5 - Do dance workouts work for PCOS?

Ans - Like several other conditions, PCOS also requires a good amount of regular body exercise and healthy active lifestyle. My dance workouts focus on cardio plus strength training and both are helpful for PCOS.

For diet, follow some basic guidelines

  • Switch to lean meats

  • Avoid Soy / Milk (switch to non dairy if required)

  • Eat more whole foods - lentils, whole wheat

  • Add lot of bright coloured fruits/vegetables into your diet

Q6 - Do I need to complete the whole workout at a stretch ...what if i get tired?

Ans - Congrats on getting started .. thats always the hardest part !

You don't have to complete the whole workout at once. Take it easy.. do as much as you can.. take a breath, sip some water and continue if you can. It takes a training period of around 2 weeks to get used to the workouts and then you will be surprised on how your stamina increases :)

Q7 - I am overweight... does this mean i need to do more high intensity workouts to lose weight?

Ans - No

Whether you are overweight or not, the decision to choose the intensity level depends on your fitness level.

  • If you are just starting with workouts, you can choose the Beginner level workouts and still lose weight easily

  • If you are regular with workouts (3-6 months daily) then you can move up to more high intensity workouts to slowly challenge the body further

  • Check the Beginner - Getting Started section for Guidance

Q8 - My body is paining after the workout.. what did i do wrong?

Ans - Firstly, my personal belief is that i don't like workouts that make your body pain and leave you sore. Apply hot water bag for pain relief and give some rest for recovery

Secondly, There are few reasons why you would experience pain after a workout. I have listed a few below -

  • You chose the wrong intensity level - Choose an intensity level best suited for your fitness level. It will help your body get prepared for the higher intensity workouts over time. Healthy and less painful way to start workouts

  • You are overdoing it - Popular belief is that.. you can workout more and burn more. But this is not entirely true. Sometimes over training can actually backfire, which means you may not lose weight and body starts retaining fat

  • You did not warm up enough - If your pain is regular, choose a nice 10mins warm up to stretch well before your exercise. Here is my 10mins warm up link -

  • Too intense too quickly - These days people don't have time and 10mins super high intensity workouts are becoming popular for quick results. If your body is not ready for it, it cannot oxygenate enough leading to lactic acid build up hence pain and soreness. Train your body first with low/medium intensity and then move to extreme workouts over time

Q9 - Will dance workouts help me lose fat in thighs, arms, belly, face .. others?

Ans - You cannot burn fat from 1 part of our body. Spot Reduction is not possible

Doing Leg exercise does NOT burn leg fat ... It helps tone & shape the legs plus improves muscle strength & growth

Doing belly exercise does NOT burn belly fat ... it helps you shape into a toned and flat belly

Doing face exercise does NOT burn face fat ... it only helps stretch and tone neck muscles

Then what burns FAT?

All fat burn exercises / cardio helps burn fat from the entire body.

For best results - Do Full Fat Burn Dance workout (Fat Loss) + Body Part Exercises (Toning & Shaping) in combination

Q10 - YouTube questions - Why no download option? Why ads during videos ?

Ans -

Download Option : I do not have any restrictions on my YouTube downloads. I think because i use copyrighted music - the music companies impose the restriction on download

Why the ads between videos : I have disabled ads on my videos and i don't earn any money from my dance workout videos. The ads are rolled in by youtube since i have longer videos and I use copyrighted songs

Sorry! But i dont have much control on this one as long as i am on youtube.

Q11 - Can I do workouts during PMS/periods ?

Ans -

If you feel fit and fine then yes ... but avoid Abs exercises

If you feel down and with cramps... then get some good rest and bounce back when ready ! :)

Q12 - Should i do the same workout everyday ?

Ans -

You can always repeat workouts ... repeating helps remember moves and helps you put more energy/power. That has a lot of benefits !

However, you can always try new workouts or rotate workouts - this will help use newer muscles and breaks the monotony by enjoying some new variety !

Q13 - Do Dance workouts help lose weight ?

Ans -

I will answer this question for my dance workouts only. My dance workouts are specially designed like "Steady State Cardio Workout" - these help to keep your heart rate in the right range to help you stay longer in "FAT Burning Zone" Thats why my dance workouts target more of your fat calories and help you burn fat. This in turn help in weight loss and inch loss too!

Enjoy my workouts to get a LEAN and LIGHTER plus HEALTHY body ! ENJOY !

Q14 - I am doing the dance workouts but not losing any weight... what am i doing wrong?

Ans -

Every person is unique and their body responds differently to the same exercises

Not losing weight is not necessarily bad thing, check for these -

  1. Did you lose inches ? .... If yes.. then thats good news because the exercises are working to burn Fat. The fat sits under our skin and the fat burn leads to inch loss. Inch loss is a healthy and happy first step to weight loss. Stay consistent, eventually you will see weight loss too !

  1. Gain in muscle mass - Sometimes we lose fat...but also gain lean muscle mass due to regular exercise. Hence we dont see a change on the weighing scale. This is still good news since it means lesser fat and more muscle which means a healthier body! Stay consistent, the new gained muscle maintenance will help you lose more fat and weight going forward.

  1. Lifestyle habits - Exercises are helpful for fat loss and weight loss. But it is important to support them with the right discipline. So if you have improper eating times, improper sleeping habits, high stress - these add to retaining fat in the body and make it difficult to lose weight ..despite exercise

  1. Extreme diets - Avoid Low calorie diets, extremely low carb diets / no carb diets , fad diets

When we reduce intake too much and increase our exercises - then they work against each other

200-300 calories reduction is reasonable for deficit.

An average girl/woman needs around 2000-2200 calories - deficit diet means.. eat around 1800 calories

An average boy/man needs around 2500-2700 calories - deficit diet means... eat around 2200 calories

Anything lower than your required diet... will tend to retain fat and weight

Q15 - Sweating a lot - Here is how to manage Smell / Hair Care / Body Care ?

Ans -

Congrats on sweating a whole lot ! Its a natural body detox :)

To detox well, body needs a good supply of "Water"

  1. Drink a lot of water - 2/3 litres of water in a day - Drinking a lot of water naturally reduces the body odour. Sweat does not smell by itself, its generally the bacteria build up that causes the smell.

  1. Wear breathable clothes - Cotton and some athletic fabrics are good and let the air pass. Keeping you fresh and odour free

  1. Dry sweat naturally - Let your hair down and let it dry naturally ... or maybe under a fan. If you are following a good water intake, there wont be any smell

  1. Hair wash - Wash hair only twice a week to retain the natural oils. Avoid using intense shampoos, use milder cleansers (e.g. patanjali keshkanti)

  1. Avoid Deodorants / Anti sweat sprays - They are a BIG no no ! If you do everything else then you wont smell anymore and you wont need them. The chemicals harm our body's natural balance and the bottles pollute environment.

  1. Use mild soap - The chemicals in intense soaps harm our body's natural balance and we tend to smell more. Use milder soaps and trust me ... if you follow other things... you wont smell anymore and wont need to depend on them.

  1. More fruits /Vegetables in diet - Increase intake of Fruits and Vegetables. Avoid excessively rich food - onions/garlic in excess quantity can cause change in smell too.

Keep Sweating ... Stay Fresh !

Q16 - Can the workouts help increase height?

Ans -

Yes and No !

Yes - because a good workouts will give you a lot of sporty challenges like hopping, jumping, stretching and movement. These help in overall cell metabolism, promote growth and help you reach your ideal height. Exercises also improve our overall body posture - helping us look taller.

No - because more exercises like hanging, stretching, skipping are only helping you with body posture and cell growth. They cannot increase your height any more than your genetic make up allows.

Please don't fall for marketing gimmicks and people portraying fake results to get views.

Hindi proverb - "Insaan apne vicharon se uncha hota hai" ... Live a bigger life and people will look up to you!

Q17 - Can Teenager / Kids do DanceWithDeepti workouts ?

Ans -

Definitely Yes! All my workouts are designed to be fun and sporty - hence they are suitable for kids and teenagers. All my exercises target a fun routine for the whole family to enjoy together, stay healthy and lose weight in a safe environment.

Kids/Teenager - should NOT do exercises with weights (dumbbells/barbells etc) These put unnecessary / polarised pressure and can retard growth if done incorrectly

Safe Exercises for Lean and Strong Muscle building for Teenagers - All body weight exercises are a great way to build some muscles and continue to stay flexible. Body weight exercises include Squats, push ups , pull ups, lunges burpees - they challenge the body but also evenly distribute weight to avoid growth issue.

REMEMBER : Key is to not overdo exercises . Like everything else in life - exercises need to be done in moderation

Q18 - Protein Powder - Yes or No?

Ans -

I only recommend what i do myself and believe in. I am natural living enthusiast and always try to see nutrition from natural food sources

Do i take protein powder?

I DONT use protein powder and I try to get all protein from my food only. If you eat enough beans, daal, oats, vegetables, khichdi, peanuts, roasted chana, sattu .. you will get a balance of amino acids needed. If you are non-veg consumer, then egg and lean meats too

Caution : Protein to Fat

In addition - Protein is mainly required to build and maintain muscles in our body. If you consume excessive concentrated sources of protein and do not use it properly using a muscle gain program/regime then the excess protein can get stored as fat in the body.

Distribute your protein intake throughout the day to allow it to get utilised and absorbed in a more balanced way!

Q19 - Wear Shoes - Yes or No?

Ans -

Most of my beginner workouts can be done at home without wearing shoes also.

For advanced workout, shoes help with cushion and grip - to avoid injury or accidental twist

Which type of shoes are good?

Any good brand with good cushion and medium grip (to avoid slipping but easy to dance/move)

Q20 - Sports Bra - Yes or No?

Ans -

Beginner workouts can be done with a regular support bra also.

For advanced workouts - it is advisable to use sports bra to support the intense moves / jumps

Any good brand with broader bands and good fit/support is important

Trial before buying is recommended to ensure it suits your body type. Invest in a good brand.. they last long